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For those of you who don't know, Photography is a HIGHLY competitive business to be in. Everyone knows someone who has a DSLR. Especially if you live near or in New York like me.  And who doesn't like taking pictures right? Even with Instagram, you can buy mini lenses from sites like photojojo for your iphone and those pictures can SOMEHOW look just as good as one you just took on your DSLR! Well, even though it may be competitive, believe it or not there is a large community of photographers willing to share what they know and help budding photographers like myself learn something new everyday.


I follow way too many blogs but I love them all because they give such great advice that I cant give any of them up! As you all know my first wedding is October 5th (next weekend!) and in my last post I talked about Jasmine Star and "t-ball" weddings. Today I came across a post on Katelyn James's blog and it was all about wedding portrait planning and pre-visualization. I struggle with constantly looking for a "pretty" place to shoot instead of looking for things like good light or open shade. The bottom line of the post was that you can always make something look pretty even though it may look mediocre.

When I found out that Chris and Vanessa's wedding was in a nature park I got really nervous. I don't really know why because I shoot natural light and I shoot at a park near my house all the time. But this park is a NATURE park. A forest. I thought, "How can I make a forest look pretty?" That was a stupid question. Forests are full of colors, textures, OPEN SHADE, and GREAT LIGHT.  Looking at Katelyn's post and looking back at the park, I can already see a lot of places to shoot. I'm particularly excited about Vanessa's bridals because there's a really BIG, beautiful lake in the middle of the park right near the reception area. The couple portraits will be around golden hour so that will be great too!

Thanks to all the photographers apart of this great community who shoot and share with no holding back. They share their trials, triumphs and advice to help out others. I think I'll be taking that approach when I get more into my blog. It's fair, why not help others when so many have helped me. Thanks guys! 

Happy Friday


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