Hello Fall!

Fall is my FAVORITE season of the year and yesterday was the official first day! The weather is perfect, the leaves are changing, and of course I get to wear all of my fall boots! It's not as colorful in New Jersey as it is in Virginia or North Carolina but its still really pretty, especially Central Park. I cant wait to go and photograph all the pretty colors in a few weeks : ).  SO since its fall I've decided to show you some pins on my Pinterest board dedicated to fall and my top 5 favorite things about fall.


1. Sweaters. I LOVE sweaters. Specifically chunky sweaters from Forever 21. They're so warm!

2. Boots. If you're a girl, this is self explanatory : )

3. Changing Leaves. Because California doesn't believe in seasons, I didn't really get to see the changing leaves until I moved to New Jersey. Once I did I fell in love, especially when I go to New York. Central Park looks good in every season but the fall looks like perfection in October and November.

4. Sweets. I have a serious sweet tooth (just ask my dentist) and its usually with candy. And not just once in a while, I mean all the time. The fall isn't really my candy season though, its more of a pie and cupcake season. Pecan pie, Pumpkin Pie, Pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese or cinnamon icing, my mouth is watering just writing this! This year I think I'll be baking a lot of sweets because I have 3 day weekends thanks to my new job! 

5. Holidays. Fall kicks off all the fun holidays for the rest of the year. Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas and all of the fun family activities that fall in between. FYI, Christmas is my FAVORITE holiday season, just wait until I write that post : )

Let me know of some of your favorite fall things, Happy Monday!

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