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The other day I decided to get a jumpstart on starting up a facebook page for what will eventually be for my business. As I was trying to add pictures I noticed the resolution was terrible. I use BlogStomp for my blog and so that's what I would be using for my facebook since it's already saved and I can easily put my logo on it. Blogstomp is really fantastic. If you've read any other photographers blog in the world I'm pretty sure there's a post about. Whether its about time saving or making it easier to stitch pictures together. I've been using it for a while and I love it. The only problem I had with it was my logo. I don't have an official logo, its really just my name in two colors but some things better than nothing. SO I recently was getting very frustrated with the image size of the logo and the image size of the picture and just a bunch of technical stuff that was getting on my nerves. I went on the website and they have a few videos that show you how but I still didn't get it. I'm happy to say though that after looking up articles and Youtube videos I FINALLY FIGURED IT OUT.

So this is the main screen in BlogStomp. On the left are the pictures I imported and the one on the bottom highlighted in gray in the one that is shown in the preview section on the right. My logo is circled in red and the setting option is circled in red because that is the next step.


In the settings menu,  under the styles tab you can change your logo size, image size, borders around the image, etc. In my case I don't put my logo directly on the picture, I use a tab at the bottom of the image. I've circled where to change that tab size. The logo size and image size was a tricky thing for me to understand. Where it says "max size" it refers to the size of the image. The logo size with increase or decrease depending on the image size. I set my image size to 1000 for horizontal pictures making my logo size smaller. If my image size was 800 the logo would get bigger.


This all depends on the actual logo size you set it to in Photoshop. Once you open your logo in photoshop you need to change your image size to 72 and the resolution to 72 so they're even. After that you have to save the file for the in PNG format.


After saving it just upload the logo to blogstomp and boom, you're done!

Happy Stomping! 



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