Home Sweet Home

I'm back! and exhausted. North Carolina and seeing my family was great though. I wish I could have stayed longer but I may have to take a side trip out there before next year. Every time I see my family I'm reminded of how extremely loud my family is when we're all together lol. Mind you, all of the family who was there were  my grandmothers children and grandchildren. And a lot of 2 year olds. None the less I had fun seeing them for a few days and happy to see that my nephew got to see this side of his family this summer. For the fourth of July we had a huge cookout and my cousin Jennifer (you'll meet her in the next post) made the best chicken I think I've ever had in my life. It was our first official Thompson-Bell family reunion with many more to come! So here's some pics from the day, Enjoy!

Shout out to my aunt for her beautiful dรฉcor and flower arrangements for the backyard!

The Chef

The grill master

The grill master


My lovely grandmother


That's me on the left : )