Caroline's Portraits & My Mini D600 Review

Meet my best friend Caroline! We met in 5th grade and have been best friends ever since. We went to the Brooklyn yesterday and Verona Park today for a kind of 2-day session. While we were in Brooklyn we decided to eat at her uncles Restaurant "Burger It Up" and let me tell you, IT IS THE BOMB so of course I took pictures. It is probably the best burger I've had a long time, like on Smashburger level. If you're ever in the BK you should definitely check it out for lunch. The atmosphere is great and the food couldn't be better.

So as you all know, I rented the D600 and today is my last day with it, needless to say I'm very sad because I JUST WANT TO OWN IT ALREADY. I really don't see what all the complaining about this camera was about. Its amazing. I mean yes It's the first full frame camera that I've used so maybe I'm being just a bit naiive but I think I got the jist of them. The ONLY problem I have with this camera is with camera is the file size and that might just be my computer being slow because it just is and all the other documents and programs I have on it. Other than that I've had no complaints about this camera. The focus, color, high ISO and placement of settings are great and I cant wait to use it in October!

Also, You guys are probably going to be seeing her a lot more if I need to practice portraits along with Tiffany because they love taking pictures and they're the only friends I have who are actually available. Thanks in advance guys! 

So here are some pics from the 2-day shoot with Caroline, Enjoy! 

Onto the portraits! 

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