North Carolina, here I come!

Don't you guys love vacation? Especially when you're in desperate need of one. You know, after the semester is over and all you've been doing is working and doing the same routine over and over every day until you just want to scream. Ya, well that's almost how it is with me. Not so much the screaming part but you get the idea. I knew I'd be going on vacation eventually and sure enough I am! I'm going (along with my parents, brother and nephew) to Charlotte, NC to visit my family this week. I haven't seen them in a year (I think) and I'm so happy that I will and even MORE happy that I'm getting the heak out of New Jersey. Unfortunately I have to cut my fun down there short because I have a wedding to attend with Bianca on the 7th. Its all good though, I met the couple at their engagement session and they both seem really fun and sweet so its kind of a win, win! But while I'm down in Charlotte I've scheduled a few photo shoots with my cousins just for a little bit of fun and more practice so I'll definitely be posting those when I get back since I probably wont be blogging until at least a few days after the wedding. So until then readers.

Peace out for now!