My Work

Ok so I know I said I was going to try and blog every day but CLEARLY that's not happening. I think my postings are going to be a bit sporadic for a while until I have more work to show. Speaking of work, I realized yesterday that I actually haven't put up any of my work since I've been practicing portraits and just shooting in general with my camera. As you all know I use a Nikon D3100 with a 50mm f1.4 lens. I have a kit lens but I haven't used it in a really long time. That's probably what I'll be using for a good while until I can save enough money to buy the D600. I'm thinking about just renting it for about 2 weeks, shoot some practice engagement/portrait sessions and see how I feel about it with using just my nifty fifty.

So here's some of my work I had done this past Spring semester for school. I know some look much more posed and fashion than others but at the time I was really into editorial and magazine work so that's what I figured I'd try to imitate for the class.

Also shout out to my best friends Caroline, Chrissy , and Tiffany!


P.S. I know the photos are small but for whatever reason Blogger is giving me a hard time with sizing and BlogStomp is giving me a hard time with image quality. I'm trying to figure it out but if any of you readers have any suggestions or answers please let me know!