It's Raining

I know I can't be the only one who hates rain as humanly possible. It makes everything look dreary and sad and it does nothing for my hair. Anyway, I know I haven't posted for a few days, 1. because I've been kind of busy with work and 2. I haven't really had any inspiration to write about anything. In high school I hated English and writing so it's never easy for me to just think of something and write about it unless something actually happened. So I'm writing today because yesterday I spent the day in the city with some friends and it was really great. We got a little "lost" for a little while but we still had a good time. Surprisingly enough I didn't take a single picture unless it was on my phone and being posted on instagram. Every other time I've been to the city my BOTH my cameras (film & digital) were out and Id be snapping for hours. This is actually the first time I've been to the city to just hang out since school let out. Before that it was either taking pictures for school or working with Bianca. I still haven't been there by myself yet this summer to just do whatever I want but I'm sure it'll probably happen sometime next week and I'm sure ill take pictures so look out for that post!

On another note, as you al know I follow/stalk a lot of wedding blogs, and they really inspire me to get out there and want to shoot weddings and engagements. Working with Bianca is really helping too. Since I don't really know too many people getting married or even engaged I wont be shooting any of them anytime soon. If anything my first wedding would be in October (I may have mentioned this already?) It would be my brothers best friend in Virginia Beach. I hope I get to because it would really be a good experience to shoot someone I'm already familiar with and not a complete stranger. So here's hoping!

Also I've figured out a signature..

Peace out for now!  ... ; )