Happy Friday!

Happy Friday guys!

I probably should've written this post this morning but I didn't so I'm writing it now. I'm not sure if I'm going to be blogging every day but I'm going to try. All of the photography blogs I've read say consistency is huge for business and they make a good point. I love these blogs by the way, I never knew how much I didn't know! I mean from workflows to clientele there is so much to learn about becoming a wedding photographer. Just looking through the blogs makes me very nervous though. Some of them have the "what's in my bag" link so of course I check them out and most of them say Canon which is what I expected. Others say Nikon which really surprised me though. Natalie Franke and Rebekah Hoyt who I absolutely l o v e use Nikons. I currently use a Nikon D3100 which if you guys didn't know is a DX entry-level or prosumer camera. Don't get me wrong I love my camera it's given me a lot of good practice but I've had it for about 2 years now and I'm ready for an upgrade. I'm in the process of getting.. well wanting the D600. There doesn't seem to be too many blogs out there that I can find that show the D600 present at a wedding which makes me a bit apprehensive. BUT the closest thing to the D600 is the D700 & D800 and I've heard very good things about both of them and examples so they've put me on ease a little bit. Hopefully I'll make up my mind soon and have enough money to support that decision because that. is. a. problem. Anywho, I guess if I'm going to be blogging everyday I should save some for tomorrow right? I should go to sleep anyway. I have to be up and in New York for an 8am engagement session with Bianca and it is POURING outside, hopefully it clears up and she'll get some beautiful shots. So goodnight readers!

P.S. I still don't have a signature so..

Peace out for now!