Happy Birthday Hady!

It's 6:01 pm and I. am. exhausted. Why you ask? Lets start from the beginning.

First, I woke up at 5am because I had to be in the city by 8am. That 3 hour gap may seem unneccessary but the bus to New York came at 6:50am for me to be there by 7:30am. Like I mentioned last night I was meeting Bianca for an engagement session (which was another awesome experience). So I get to the city run down to the subway and jump on A train just before the doors close. I got to the spot early around 7:45 and waited for the couple and Bianca. While I was waiting I bought a $7.00 orange juice. Crazy right? I know. Anyway the couple was pretty cool. It took a bit of time for them to get warmed up to us but I think overall they loved the preview of their pictures and us so hopefully they'll be booking B for they're wedding next year. So that took 2 hours exactly. I mean we were done by 10 on the dot. So after, me and Bianca got brunch at the Standard Grill. If you've never been there you need to go, even if it's not to eat the food. The atmosphere is just amazing. We chatted for a while (not sure how long) about photography, getting into the wedding business, tips for me as a beginner and our lives in general. I stayed with her to meet a potential client in another part of the hotel that was suppose to take about 30 minutes and turned into about an hour or more. So now it's 2:00 and we say goodbyes, thank you's and your welcomes and part ways. I hop back on the subway to port authority to and catch the bus back home where my family has just started celebrating my oldest brother's 31st birthday (hence the post title). I can't believe Jihad is 31 I feel so old and I'm only 20. But since he's 31 that means I'll be 21 this year. We had to sing pretty early because my other brother (Jack) had to go to work. So we sang happy birthday to my brother and my nephew stole the show (as always) blowing out the candles before my brother could. So here I am after everything's kind of settled writing my post for the day. In writing it doesn't seem like a lot for one day but in reality it definitely was. So I guess that's it. I won't end this post with a peace out but with a happy birthday and I love you..

Happy Birthday Hady I hope you have MANY more years to come and enjoy them to the fullest, Love you!