First Wedding!

Hey guys, so remember I was saying a few posts ago that my first wedding would probably be sometime in October? Well it is! My brothers best friend Chris and his fiancé Vanessa are getting married in Virginia on October 5th and I'm shooting the wedding along with one of their friends!

As a matter of fact a few months ago Chris was in Jersey and he had mentioned me photographing the wedding but more jokingly. I said sure (jokingly) but now that the wedding is 4 months away things are getting pretty serious and I asked the other day if I was still taking the pictures and he said yes! I'll be working on the details with Vanessa in the next few weeks and IM SO EXCITED. She sent me some pics of the venue and I know with the lighting and the background the pictures will be beautiful! Chris is also being gracious enough to let me use all of his equipment! the Nikon D600, 24-70 2.8 lens, 80-200mm 2.8, and his  flash. I'll be bringing my own 50 1.4 lens & D3100 along with ANOTHER rental D600 and flash (2 flashes for the OCF and on camera) and maybe a 35mm 1.8. I'm so happy that they even trust me enough to shoot their wedding in the first place. Woo cant wait! Here's a few pics of the venue. Happy Tuesday!