Hey and welcome!

My name is Jaclyn, I am twenty-four, originally from Cali, who grew up in New Jersey, and am now living in North Carolina.

This blog was started in 2013 as an outlet to share my journey in creating a wedding photography business. Now that that journey has come to a halt, I want to use this space as an outlet to share fun stories about everyday life.  That means everything from designing websites to traveling to trying new restaurants in town and so much more. 

I have always had passion for photography & web design and I am making it my mission to keep up those hobbies and share my photos and creative journey. I also have a serious sweet tooth, an odd obsession with gift wrap found at Homegoods, and love hosting fun events in my little apartment. : )

I'm excited to continue sharing everything with you all. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy exploring the blog! Please don't hesitate to say hello and thanks for reading!